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  • What to do if you find a snake in your yard

    Remain calm and focused. Snakes are just looking for a place to escape as they are much more afraid of us than we are of them.
    Keep children and pets away. By doing this you’re protecting your children and pets while also allowing the snake to feel less threatened.
    Call 0455 570 000.
    Watch the snake from a distance. This way you know where the animal is and also able to direct the snake catchers to where to start looking.

    Call out fees apply.

    First Aid

    DO NOT WASH BITE SITE as this will possibly delay treatment at the hospital, as washing will not give the Venom Detection Kits (VDK) a reading to identify what anti-venom is required for treatment.

    • Calm and reassure the person who is bitten
    • Use a heavy Crepe bandage to apply a pressure bandage (the same pressure for a sprained ankle).
      Start the bandage at the ends of the limb and continue all the way to the shoulder/hip.
    • Mark on top of the bandage the bite location so the Doctor knows where to cut the bandage to obtain a swab for the VDK.
    • Call 000 or 112 on mobiles

    Reptile Relocation Sydney provide a prompt and efficient snake removal service to the entire Sydney and Illawarra regions including Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool, Leppington, The Oaks, Appin, Thirroul, Bulli, Austinmer, Douglas Park and many more.

    The Sydney and Illawarra regions have an abundance of National Parks and State Forests and with new housing developments being built alongside them, it increases the likelihood of crossing paths with native wildlife.

    Snakes being native wildlife are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974 and the harm of any native wildlife draws significant fines and possible imprisonment. Not only is there a at risk of a fine for interfering with wildlife, there is also a risk of obtaining a bite from the animal.
    Majority of snake bites in Australia are due to the individual trying to catch or kill an animal


    Cory did any awesome job removing a decent sized brown snake from our backyard in Harrington Park. Got there quickly and hunted around for a bit but got him eventually. Cory told us to call him any time of day and he’ll always make sure there’s a licensed and insured professional to help us out.


    Harrington Park

    Cory was amazing, awesome job removing the brown snake around our pool in Austral.
    I would recommend him for any snake catching!!! Well done Corey and thank you once again, you are no.1 snake catcher

    Ines Pecotic Gasperic


    Had Cory come out to my work to remove a red belly and he was so helpful! He takes such great care in ensuring the snake be safely removed. Thanks so much, highly recommended!


    Gregory Hills

    Prompt and professional Snake Removal and Relocation service in Sydney

    Reptile Relocation Sydney catchers are licensed through the Office of Environment and Heritage under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974 and have current public liability insurances. We also make sure our First Aid training is up to date and are trained in the humane handling of wildlife.


    Percentage of successful captures*

    *unsuccessful captures reflect when animals were seen but unable to be caught at the time.

    Number of successful animal relocations for 2018-19 Season

    *number updated periodically


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    Meet the Catchers

    Cory Kerewaro

    Cory Kerewaro

    Snake Catcher

    Hi guys let me introduce myself. My name is Cory, I’m a licenced snake catcher, reptile enthusiast and animal lover.
    I relocate reptiles safely away from your property, mainly venomous snakes and cover most areas in Sydney and Illawarra region, whilst living in the Macarthur area.
    If you require our services urgently, please call me on 0455 570 000, as I may not see a message straight away.
    Call out fees do apply but my advice is free!